Video Advertising

Video Advertising offers brands the opportunity to engage their audience in the moments and spaces that matter.

Sprankle Marketing offers four different forms of Video Advertising:

  • In-Stream
  • YouTube Trueview In-Stream
  • YouTube Trueview Discovery
  • YouTube Non-Skipable

In-Stream Video Ads (non-skipable) can appear on partner sites within the Google Network, such as and  This format allows you to place video ads within content relevant t,o your brand, being streamed online.

YouTube Trueview In-Stream Ads appear before, in between or at the end of other videos. After five seconds the viewer has the option to skip the ad. If the consumer skips the ad before 30 seconds (or the end) you don’t pay a cent. You are only charged when someone actually engages with the video ad.

TrueView Discovery Ads consist of a thumbnail image from your video ad with some text, inviting people to click and watch the video. This format is used to promote your brand next to related YouTube Videos, as part of a YouTube search result or on the YouTube Mobile homepage. You will only pay when a consumer chooses to watch your ad by clicking on the thumbnail.

YouTube Non-Skipable Ads must be watched before desired video content can be viewed. They can appear on YouTube watch pages, on videos of partner sites, and apps.

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